Friday, October 23, 2009

Moschino Rubiks Cubes

Wow, a few days ago I found out that in Milan there is going to be an exhibition of the creative invites to fashion shows. How creative, you ask? Well, take a look

These rubiks cubes were invites to a Moschino show, and I'm guessing that the "instructions" paper is probably the details... or maybe they actually put instructions on how to solve it!
Personally, I love the idea of a rubiks cube invite. Not only because it's super cute and creative, but I also have a love for rubiks cubes. Have I ever solved one? Yes. Without any help? No. Although, I do have a friend who is amazing at solving them, and competes - he can solve a 7x7... and really quickly, too.
I so badly want one of these Moschino rubiks cubes.

What do you think of them?



paola said...

i live in Milan but i didn't know anything about this!

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