Monday, June 22, 2009

Summer Dresses

I love dresses.
Whether they're casual or dressy, long or short, light or dark, I just love dresses.
Summer's all about relaxation, and dressing should be no more stressing than anything else. With dresses, you can just pull one over your head, pair it with a cute pair of wedges or sandals, and be on your merry way to go do something fun! If you're off to the beach, or just going shopping with friends, a dress is the easiest way to effortlessly look adorable during the summer.

Here are some of my picks for favorite dresses I found online at Delias

First, this simple anchor dress. I love this because it's so cute with the anchor print, but the design of the actual dress is so simple. This is one of those pieces that looks (and is!) effortless and fun.

Then there's also this cute but still quite simple knit dress. The body of the dress is simple and
comfortable, but the detailing on the bust adds an extra touch of style. It comes in hot pink, blue, and black. While still casual, this could work for going out to dinner.


The Fabulous Girl said...

oh my god i cant believe u just started your blog. good luck. it seems it will be wonderfully interesting. looking to seeing some of your outfits.

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