Monday, August 31, 2009


First, I'd like to start by apologizing for not blogging more frequently. I intended to post over the weekend, but with my hectic schedule I ended up not having any spare time. In fact, this will be a short and quick post because I honestly don't have much time now either.

the polo shirt.
This simple wardrobe staple is often overlooked, but very practical for just wearing to school over a skirt. Having had to wear a uniform to school for most of my life, I can honestly say that I grew to hate polos. So this morning when I woke up and decided to pull out an old polo and pair it with a skirt - the same concept behind my old school uniform - I'm not really sure what I was thinking.
However, when you're not confined to the restrictions of having to wear it with an itchy navy polyester skirt and a matching sweater, it becomes a lot more fun.

I just layered my polo over a lacey cami, leaving it unbuttoned and paired it with a simple a-line mini.

I have to say switching from summer clothes to school clothes has been, and still is, a challenge, but after the first week of school the realization that summer really is over has set in.

How's everyone else's school outfits? Leave me a comment!



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