Monday, August 10, 2009

The Search for a New Bedroom

Yesterday (Yesterday?! It was yesterday?! The days are going by so slowly..) I went on a hunt for bedroom furniture. I've been wanting to re-design my bedroom for years, and a few years ago I even sketched some possible new layouts, but nothing ever happened. My bedroom is so plain and boring that I try to spend as little time in here as possible, and I want to change that.

So here's some photos from my furniture hunt :] (I forgot to mention - after my trip last week I forgot to re-charge my camera and I left my memory card in my laptop, so these photos were taken with my cell phone)

This was the first bed I saw - I hadn't seen that sort of border on a bed before and I actually really like it.

I love this bed. I really love this bed. This photo is awful and doesn't do the piece justice, but basically it's surrounded by that border all the way around, and the headboard is made out of two giant "cushions" that look like the back of a couch, they're movable, so that one that you see on the side there is actually part of the headboard. The only problem is that this bed is disproportionately large compared to my room.

This is another nice one, it's simple but still has a touch of originality. However, after seeing the previous one, it just felt like another boring bed.

Cute coffee table

In theory, I would like this bed. It's low to the ground and incredibly cushy. However I think the idea was implemented badly, as the border looks saggy and cheap. But that's very far from the truth - it was actually rather pricey, as was everything else in that store. Nice stuff, though

I love this bed. It's sleek and modern, and imported from Italy. It, unfortunately, also was from the same store as the previous bed and cost a fortune.

Okay so this isn't exactly furniture. But it was in the kids' room at the Ethan Allen showroom and I thought that was pretty cool. I'm definitely not a mac/apple girl, but I can appreciate that the apple II was one of the first personal computers.


Piglet said...

I like the idea of a cushion headboard. It sounds comfy and inviting.
Good luck for your hunt!

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